Monday, June 8, 2009

So Saturday at the market in WW was the beCheck Spellingst of the spring so far. Beets, baby turnips, radishes, baby carrots, baby potato's and fresh herbs all in and looking good. The first cherries of the year, though from Yakima, were in as well. Strawberries were quite a bit bigger and a little more sweeter. Greens were abundant. Did a brunch on Sunday on the Dusted Valley patio. Wanted to keep it simple and brunch comfort food. Made a couple Frittada's, one with asparagus, salad onions and tarragon, the other with black pepper, new potatos and fava beans, each with a touch of Parmesan. Made some breakfast sausage, with a local pig bought from the Milton-Freewater FFA, with some maple and fresh sage. Homemade buttermilk biscuits and the obligatory sausage gravy and cheese grits. Washed all of it down with some awesome bloody marys and mimosa's. Took all of the scraps over to the pigs for slop and had a great day.

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