Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gratin Dauphinois for the Masses

So we will attempt to explain this recipe with out the aid of pictures. We have had numerous requests for this and not sure when we will be making it again. This dish is a labor of love as it is a little time consuming and will dirty many different pots and pans in your kitchen. But oh are the results worth the effort! So here we go.

1. In separate bowls, place your Gorgonzola, salt, small cubed butter, ground white pepper.
2. Have at least a quart of cream on hand.
3. Wash and peel your russet potatoes, then place in a bowl of water.
4. Take a casserole dish and liberally butter it, bottom and sides and set aside.
5. You are now ready to start building your layers, the key here is to slice only the amount of potatoes that you need for each
layer. When sliced do not put them in any water, as you need all the starch left in them.
6. Using a Japanese Mandolin, slice the potatoes very thin and layer them in the bottom of your casserole dish, shingling
them as you go.
7. Sprinkle the layer of potatoes with some salt and pepper.
8. Randomly place cubes of butter over the layer.
9. Sprinkle the Gorgonzola evenly over the layer, more or less depending on how strong you want the flavor.
10. Pour a little cream over the layer.
11. Now you are ready to add another layer of potatoes, like the first. Once you have them covering, firmly press down.
12. Repeat all the above steps. You will add a total of 6 layers. Finish the top off as if you were adding another layer, so all the
cheese, butter, cream, etc.
13. Cover tightly with foil and place in a 320 degree oven for approximately 2 1/2 hours. Checking occasionally by poking a
knife through the layers to see if you have resistance.
14. Once you feel that they are done uncover the pan and let finish cooking until the top is golden brown.
15. Remove and let cool, it is best to let them sit over night in the fridge.
16. Very carefully cut them into serving pieces and remove with a spatula, reheat in the oven till warm.
17. ENJOY!!

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