Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Graphic's, Location, Burger and a Website

Lots of cool stuff to report on here! We have added a graphic package to AK's, talk about sticking out, well that it does! Very cool graphics done by Lytle Signs in Boise. These are the guys that designed the original restaurant logo, so we just tweaked that one a little. I think that it is pretty cool. A whole lot better then a big white trailer.

Currently we are serving lunch Monday-Friday at 2nd and Pine, in Walla Walla. This is the Corliss Winery parking lot and is a beautiful spot for us to hang out at. The weekends we are moving around the valley to different wineries and setting up! Once the wineries start slowing down for the winter we will probably be changing up our routine, so stay tuned for all the details.

You can keep track of things from the brand spanking new website.
www.andraekitchen.com Don't laugh too hard as this is my handiwork. Web-master I am not, but it is functional and easy to use and I can keep it updated. Menu, contact info and other stuff is all on it! So check it out and let me know what you think and if I need anything else added!

The burger, well this is slowly taking on a life of its own. I think that it is evolving into one of if not the best burger I have ever eaten, anywhere, and I am not one to talk about my food publicly. I have been trying really hard to make this a 100% local burger, and I am very close. Maybe 99% right now. We are using Thundering Hooves for our grind and bacon and Walla Walla Bread Co. is providing the bun. The produce is all local, right now it is pickled green tomatoes.

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