Monday, November 30, 2009

Duck Confit Part 1

Making Duck Confit this week. One of life's little pleasures. Thought I would let everyone in on the absolute simplest but best tasting confit ever. This is my recipe that we used in the restaurant. First you want to start with Fresh Moulard Duck Legs And Thighs, I use Hudson Valley as they are the best no question. Then all you need is garlic, shallots, rosemary, thyme, duck fat and kosher salt and fresh ground white pepper. Score the legs and thighs through the fat, not cutting into the meat at all. Peel and slice your shallots very thin and separate the rings then rough chop the garlic then combine both in a bowl. In a large sealable container, start by layering the rosemary and thyme along with the shallot/garlic mix on the bottom. Sprinkle some of the kosher salt and pepper as well. place the leg/thigh piece meat side down and press firmly. Then add the same layer as you did to the bottom to the fat side of the legs. Place another layer of the leg thighs on top and cover with the remaining herbs, and shallot/garlic mix. Sprinkle more salt and pepper as well. Place a layer of plastic wrap over and firmly press down. Then seal and put in the refrigerator for about a week. Part 2 will come when it is time to cook them, oh the suspense!! And you thought restaurants never shared their secrets!

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