Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birch Creek Late Harvest Syrah, Part Two

Yesterday we pressed of the Birch Creek Late Harvest Syrah. We had brought it in on the 16th of November, at around 38 brix. We got about 1 ton of fruit and split it into 2 different fermenters. It was done as a whole cluster fermentation. We combined the lots for the press and got about 1 barrel of free run juice, or about 60 gallons. We then pressed it off in .2 increments until it wouldn't give up any more juice, keeping each press separate. We probably got another 40 gallons of press if I combined all the yields. It is still finishing primary fermentation. The photo's are of the free run juice. It is a little cloudy as all of the solids are suspended and have not settled out after dumping it into the press.

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