Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jimgerman Bar

I have always appreciated places that strive to do it right , with passion for their craft . Whether it is food, wine or in this instance cocktails. You can usually tell what your in for when you talk to the owner, chef, bartender and when they speak you can feel their passion. Whenever we make the drive to Waitsburg, we know we are in for a treat, cocktails handcrafted with passion and food simple in approach and highlighting the flavors of the season. The husband wife team of Jim and Clair German do this awesome, Jim making the drinks and Claire the food. The menu changes quite often with seasonal availability and if you like certain aspects of drinks all you have to do is tell Jim and your drink will be exactly what you want. Kudos to these folks as it is refreshing to hear people talk with passion in their voice about the craft they love! If you have not been there go, deal with the 20 minute drive from Walla Walla and it will be worth it!

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  1. This was a really fun night with wonderful cocktails, great food and awesome friends!